New Releases

03/04/2014 Gatehaven
– Molly Noble Bull
03/04/2014 Friends in Him
– Brooke Mitchell
03/04/2014 So Much More
– Todd Hudson
03/04/2014 Fifty Days of Glory
– Mark Pearson
03/04/2014 Fire in the Carolinas
– Michael Thornton
03/04/2014 Save Dr. Jekyll and Destroy Mr. Hyde
– Stephen White
03/04/2014 Waters of Creativity
– Mortimer J. Duck and Emily L Duck
03/04/2014 Into the Garden
– Sara Ewan
03/04/2014 When God Is Silent
– Kellie Lane
03/04/2014 Israel
– Dickson Agedah

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Mission Statement

To provide a level of excellence in books and services that represents the kingdom of God and proclaims Jesus to the world.

Creation House, a division of Charisma Media, publishes Christian books with a high standard of quality. We specialize in a variety of genres and provide professional production, editing, and marketing for our authors.

Today, our 40 years of successful publishing have equipped us to offer Christian authors unique advantages in affordable, customized publishing. Major publishing houses are increasingly selective about works from new or unknown authors, so getting even very well-written manuscripts published is usually quite difficult. That's why we offer co-publishing as an alternative.


What Is Co-Publishing?

We use the term co-publishing to describe a hybrid between self-publishing and conventional royalty publishing, utilizing the best of both worlds. In co-publishing, we partner with you, the author, to develop a quality book according to your specifications, producing a finished product suitable for the bookselling marketplace. Included in our contracts are the marketing, sales, and distribution tools needed to give your book a chance to succeed. Your co-published book becomes a Charisma Media product that bears the Creation House imprint and becomes part of our publishing legacy.

This is made possible by your willingness to purchase your own significant quantity of books at a deep discount from the first press run. We in turn purchase an amount of books to sell through the trade and pay you a royalty for each book we sell.

Below is an overview of the co-publishing process to help you better understand what co-publishing is.

The Process

Overview of the Co-Publishing Process

  • First, submit your manuscript/book for review by filling out our book proposal form. Click here.
  • If your book is accepted and meets our company's publishing guidelines, we will send you an acceptance letter that includes customized printing costs based on the information you provided in the proposal form.
  • Once the print proposal is finalized you may then request a Creation House publishing contract. If you agree to the contract, you will sign two copies and return them to us with your first payment. When we receive the signed contracts and payment we will sign the contracts and return one copy for your records.
  • After the contracts are finalized we start the production of your book. This includes editing, copyediting, and typesetting. At the same time, we begin the marketing process with a review of your title and subtitle, professional cover design, and by preparing your book information for our sales team.
  • After the production process and cover process are complete and you have sent us your final payment and signed approval form, we will then send your book to the printer.
  • The full co-publishing process, from the time we receive the signed contracts to when the books are shipped from the printer, takes about 12 weeks with no delays.