Dr. Cynthia D. Wallace is an award-winning author with over thirty publications in law and policy before venturing into Christian literature. By profession, Dr. Wallace is an international lawyer with a Ph.D. from Cambridge University. She has held various teaching and research posts in academia (Harvard, McGill, Georgetown, and Cambridge Universities) and in the United Nations (Vienna, Geneva, and New York). An American, Dr. Wallace’s home for over 20 years has been Geneva, Switzerland, where she moved from Washington, D.C. in 1991 to assume a diplomatic post at the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UN/ECE). There she filled the highest position held by a woman or an American up to that time, as Senior Advisor to the Executive Secretary. Her international law credentials, together with her deep love for Israel, served as a firm basis for her book Foundations of the International Legal Rights of the Jewish People and the State of Israel.

She also credits her legal training, in part – combined with a passion for end-time prophesy from an early age – with preparing her for the precise analytical discipline required for the in-depth treatment of prophetic Scriptures in her book Don’t Miss the Rapture: A Scriptural Re-examination of the End-Time Scenario.

While in Geneva, she helped to found an international church, in which she served as elder and intercessor, as well as serving on the prayer and music ministry teams. After some 10 years, Dr. Wallace branched out beyond the four walls of her home church to open up her monthly all-night (9 pm to 6 am) intercession gatherings to others, in a more neutral setting. After around 5 years of monthly all-night gatherings, the hunger was for more, which led to weekly 3-hour prophetic intercessory worship, which she still carries on when in Geneva, and elsewhere when she is not – an exciting spiritual journey that she shares in her latest book, Breakthrough Worship.

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