Patti Hedgepath Lusk’s ministry has reached people through her music, albums, newsletters, and working in radio for 26 years. She now sings with her husband and son, who released their first album together in 2009. In 2007, Patti published a devotional book titled Just a Minute based on the radio spots she has written and produced. She resides in Belton, South Carolina, with her family.



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Patti Lusk
Release Date: October 15, 2012

 Dr. Candi MacAlpine founded Destiny Training Center, an equipping center raising up the saints for the work of the ministry, and dedicated the High Sierra Epicenter Prayer Room situated at the geographical heart of California. She and her husband, Don, have lived in the High Sierra Mountains for more than twenty-five years. They have two daughters and sons-in-law and five grandchildren, all following after the heart of Jehovah.


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Candi MacAlpine
Release Date: October 15, 2012


 Domenick Maglio, PhD, has been a psychologist/educator working “in the trenches” for over forty-five years where he learned and tested these ideas as a university professor, clinical psychologist, family and child therapist, owner/director of college prep school. His previous books include Invasion Within and Essential Parenting. Dr. Maglio and his wife have four successful adult children and eleven grandchildren.
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Domenick Maglio
Release Date: October 12, 2016


Edwin Majone was a professional big-game hunter in Africa when God called him to full-time ministry. His professional hunting apprenticeship was done with several notable safari companies in the wildlife-rich bushes of Zimbabwe. He is today the founding president of Jesus IS First Ministries International. Edwin enjoys writing Christian books, but above all, winning souls to Christ. 
Twitter: @edwinmajone
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​Edwin Majone
Release Date: 
​April 5, 2016