Laura Taylor cropped

Laura Taylor’s favorite childhood pastime was playing school with her sister and
friends at the picnic table in her backyard. She was always the teacher. Her love of teaching and learning continued into adulthood. She has obtained advanced degrees and was an elementary school teacher for many years. Teacher read-aloud was a daily activity in her classroom. Laura lives in Chesterfield, Virginia, with her husband, David. She looks forward to reading THE BEE-ATITUDES: Bee-atrice the Bumblebee Becomes a Humble Bee, her first book, to her first grandchild.


Laura Taylor
Release Date: June 20, 2017



 Milton Thompson  was born in Racine, Wisconsin, to parents who came north during the 1950s as part of the Great Migration of African Americans from the South. He grew up during the Civil Rights movement, and has witnessed the successes and failures in America’s struggle with the issue of race. He holds a master’s degree in Educational Administration, and has served as a pastor and school district superintendent. He is married, and the father of four adult children.
Milton Thompson
Release Date: July 5, 2016


Ember Matthews has a gift…

Sixteen-year-old Ember Matthews is tired of being the person everyone else wants her to be. Although she is nervous about moving to a small town and leaving behind the comforts of her old life, Ember welcomes the opportunity to escape the mistakes and pain of her past.

Ember truly wants to change, but when faced with temptation and peer pressure from some new friends, she finds herself slipping into the same old patterns.  As she reconnects with God, Ember begins to realize that she is no ordinary teenager. She sees things that no one else sees, and knows things she has no business knowing.  Will Ember learn to use her God-given gift, or will the burden of her calling be too much for her to carry?


The period is contemporary. The location is a small town in the southeastern U.S., near Atlanta, Georgia.


Knowing: A Series of Gifts cover
Tammy Hill
Release Date: June 5, 2012

 Sylvia Thornton began writing poetry at a young age, but was recently inspired by God to spread His Word to the nations through prophetic poetry. Sylvia was born in Kentucky, and now resides in Madison, Wisconsin with her husband, Malcolm. She has two grown children whom she is proud to say honor God with their love and attention. 


Poetry From the Mountaintop cover
Sylvia Thornton
Release Date: October 15, 2012