Creation House, a division of Charisma Media, is a custom brand that publishes Christian products with a high standard of quality for all authors.

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Creation House is well known and highly respected in the publishing world. It's part of Charisma Media, a Christian media company committed to proclaiming Jesus throughout the world. Charisma Media is comprised of several enterprises, including popular magazines such as Charisma and Ministry Today, and also best-selling books from various book publishing divisions, including Charisma House, Frontline, Realms, and Casa Creación. Long recognized as an innovator, the company has become known as the leading Charismatic publisher in the world, and multiple industry leaders and distributors have acknowledged it as the premier publisher of charismatic titles and health books from a Christian perspective. Learn more about Charisma Media.


Creation House Offers:

· More than 40 years of successful book publishing

· A reputation for excellence and integrity

· Books crafted with the highest quality

· Award-winning editors and artists

· Effecting marketing and distribution


Creation House has made a no-compromise commitment to meeting the vision of our authors with professional and gospel-centered service.

We welcome the opportunity to review your manuscript and explore publishing options with you. If you are interested in partnering with a major publisher to help you produce and market your book, consider Creation House!