God is our ultimate storyteller, and since you are created in His image; YOU also have a story to tell. 

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Empowered by a long-standing reputation for excellence and integrity, Creation House has a 45-year history that focuses on what really matters to the author: communicating their God-inspired narrative.


At Creation House we are ministry minded but markeplace focused, and Creation House has made a no-compromise commitment to meeting the author’s vision. We offer the highest quality and craftsmanship with our editorial, cover design, and interior book design. For Christian influencers who need a vehicle to share their God-inspired narrative, Creation House is a highly respected brand with experts who provide enthusiastic, professional and gospel-centered service to authors. 

Our team provides a wide range of support by:

  • Inspiring authors to pursue their purpose
  • Encouraging authors to consider the passions of their lives and ministry
  • Motivating authors to create Spirit-empowered and thought-provoking content

If you are interested in partnering with a major publisher to help you produce and market your book, consider Creation House!





"I have loved working with Creation House.  I feel as though they adopted me into their family.  It is obvious that each team member at Creation House has gone over-board to help make my books a success, and it worked. Thank you, Creation House, for a job really well done.”   

—Peggy Joyce Ruth, author of Psalm 91: God’s Shield of Protection